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Freddy, a native Venezuelan, is a skilled web developer with a fondness for computer gaming and soccer. Living solo, yet in close proximity to his family, Freddy is a remote work aficionado. 

He harbored an early passion for computing, kindled in high school and nurtured into a career in computer science. As political instability shook his country, Freddy seized the opportunity to expedite his learning process. By 2018, after completing various courses, he emerged as a seasoned web developer. 

Specializing in front-end development, Freddy appreciates the nuances of user experience and the art of presenting information. His journey doesn’t stop there, though. Currently, he’s delving deeper into the intricacies of backend development to further enhance his repertoire as a developer. 

Freddy first crossed paths with Boombit after receiving a LinkedIn message from Herald, our recruiter. During the interview, he was drawn to a staff augmentation position that allowed him to work directly with one of our clients. In stark contrast to his previous freelancing experiences with startups, he appreciated Boombit’s structured work environment and the more organized interaction it offered. “I was happy, it was my first job with a lot of structure, with Boombit it was easier because of the processes, and I loved it.” 

As his initial contract neared its end, we, at Boombit, upholding our commitment to foster the growth of our team, facilitated Freddy’s transition to a permanent role with one of our international clients. While he fondly remembers his time at Boombit, he is equally, if not more, satisfied with his current position, which he had access to thanks to our headhunting service.

Freddy often speaks highly of Boombit, attributing his professional growth and increased visibility in the industry to the opportunities offered by the company. He acknowledges that the experiences at Boombit have enriched his resume and portfolio, enabling him to engage with clients of a higher level. His endorsement of Boombit stems from his admiration for our work culture, a testament to the positive impact we’ve had on his career. 

“I would like to recommend Boombit because it gave me more visibility and my resume has grown in experience by having clients of a higher level, and I really like Boombit’s system.” 


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