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Work From Anywhere (WFA) Policy

Welcome to your new office. Anywhere!

All the nearshore benefits, remote!

Accelerating your business means adaptability and agility. Tackle the new reality with a remote workforce, reducing your overhead costs and increasing your opportunities to succeed in your market.

Our remote specialists follow a rigorous policy to keep processes, advances and communication ongoing, working in your same time zone.

Our WFA Policy

  • Daily Huddle: Our Team Managers have daily meetings with your team to discover any blockers or flags
  • Weekly Meetings: We meet on a weekly basis with your team to review the progress of your projects in order to assist them with anything they may need.
  • Time-Tracking: Your team tracks in our or your system the time invested in tasks, meetings and activities to keep everything measured.
  • Engagement Activities: Your outsourced team is our team too. That’s why we encourage them to actively participate in our weekly engagement meetings.

Best Practices

  • Be clear on your priorities, focusing on the expectations, tasks and responsibilities you and your manager agreed upon as measures of success.
  • Be proactive in communicating regularly with your manager, coworkers and customers to stay connected and resolve issues as they arise.
  • Ensure that your accomplishments, project status, outcomes and deliverables are visible to your manager and co-workers as appropriate – avoid being out of sight, out of mind.
  • Invite and encourage feedback from co-workers, managers and customers about how your virtual work arrangement is affecting them.

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