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We support your team, to support your business!

Our outsourcing solutions include three different layers of value to facilitate the process of assembling remote teams nearshore.

What you get from Boombit

Sourcing, Vetting, Hiring, and Payroll*

With our Staff Augmentation Solution, your team doesn’t have to worry about the hassling of finding great candidates. Through our model, we simplify your growth by taking care of the sourcing of a large pool of pre-vetted professionals in 8+ countries in LATAM.

  • Screening in English

  • Background Check

  • Soft Skills Assessments

  • Hard Skills Assessments

  • Technical Interview
  • Employee Onboarding

  • Payroll Onboarding and Setup

MacBook Pro M1
M1 Icon

Apple MacBook Pro, M1, 8GB, 256GB SSD

M1 Icon

Apple MacBook Pro, M1, 32GB, 512GB SSD

Software Specifications
macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura or later

Microsoft 365
Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite 365

Microsoft Software Defender

Microsoft Defender Software 365

What you get from Boombit

Hardware and Software Allocation

Equip your remote team in LATAM, stress-free. Through our network of partners, we are able to deliver and allocate hardware equipment and peripherals to your team to comply with our information security policies. We work with the most robust hardware in the market!

  • IT Setup

  • IT Onboarding

  • MDM Software

  • Remote IT Support

  • Custom Licenses
  • Remote locking

  • Updates to OS

What you get from Boombit

Assigned Team Manager to Support Your Remote Team

Working with remote teams could be hard for some companies, that’s why for each partner, we assigned a Team Manager to support their team on the daily basis. Mitigate engagement risks, productivity issues and improve your team’s seamless collaboration with our solution.

  • Daily Check-ins

  • Monthly 1:1s

  • Medical Leave and Rest-days Management

  • Risk Management

  • Time-tracking report

  • OT Management

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We believe in enabling global companies to have access to reliable outsourcing solutions in Latin America.

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