-About Us.


Boombit is a digital production and outsourcing company that delivers reliable solutions for small and mid-sized agencies — from everyday production work to large-scale strategic solutions.

Boombit • Est. 2012 

Boombit • Est. 2012 

Boombit • Est. 2012 

Boombit • Est. 2012 

Boombit • Est. 2012 

Boombit • Est. 2012 

Our Mission.

We are on the quest.

To enable small and mid-sized agencies from all over the world access to more reliable outsourcing solutions, in order to compete and succeed in their markets.

Gigante Bay - Nicaragua
How are we going to make that happen

The underlying magic: Nicaragua.

Our offices are located in Managua, Nicaragua. Nicaragua offers one of the most competitive cost structures in the region; enabling companies to increase their competitiveness by reducing costs and adding greater value to their products or services.

Nicaragua’s work population is characterized as flexible, with good work habits, fast learners, and low rates of absenteeism and turnover.

The country is strategically located in the heart of the Americas, right in the center of Central America, and a few hours away from the main U.S and South American cities.

Why Nicaragua?

Nicaragua represents a great advantage for investors; as they aim to improve efficiency in production, maximize profits, and expand profitability.

Masaya Volcano - Nicaragua

-About Us.

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