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Independent agency propelling companies forward through strategy, creativity, technology and human talent.

From Fully Managed Services to Dedicated Staffing Solutions We Empower Companies in This Always-Evolving World.

For over 12 years, our dynamic collaborations with regional and global companies have consistently pushed boundaries and yielded transformative outcomes

While our commercial offices are based in Costa Rica and our Operations Teams are situated in Nicaragua, our agency operates as a cohesive unit of interdisciplinary talent dispersed across more than 8 countries in the highly competitive Latin American markets.


Subject Matter Experts
Coming from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences


Remote Workforce
Interdisciplinary Talent in over 8 countries, operating cohesively


Years of Experience
Working for multiple companies and industries in Latin America

Our Network

Stagwell is the challenger network built to transform marketing. We deliver scaled creative performance for the world’s most ambitious brands, connecting culture-moving creativity with leading-edge technology to harmonize the art and science of marketing.

Boombit works independently as an affiliate agency of Stagwell Global. For more information please visit:

Leadership team

Our leadership team, with their extensive backgrounds and combined years of experience, stands as a driving force behind our agency’s ability to empower and support companies in ever-evolving markets and challenges.

Jefferson Celebertti
Chief Executive Officer
Jorge Mendoza
Chief Financial Officer
Sam García
Creative Services Director
Ligia Gutiérrez
Digital Production Services Director
Ingrid Quevedo
New Business & Partnerships
Urania Callejas-Vidaurre
Marketing Manager
Ruth Ingram
Talent Engagement & Development
Herald Flores
Talent Acquisition Manager
Jessica Ruiz
Content Creation Coordinator
Jamelie Moreno
Production Services Lead
Heidy Alvarez
Accounting Manager
Pablo Diaz
IT Manager

Key Partners

Our strategic partners play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless and disruptive service delivery that sets our agency apart.

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Our agency embraced 100% remote work long before the pandemic, enabling us to seamlessly integrate diverse talents from across Latin America and leverage different time zones as a strategic advantage.

This forward-thinking approach empowers us to exceed expectations by fostering a borderless environment where innovation knows no boundaries.

Join Our Remote Team

We believe in enabling global companies to have access to reliable outsourcing solutions in Latin America.

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