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Nearshore Digital Production Services for Creative and Digital Agencies

Our partnership with creative and digital agencies help them to take on more clients and diverse projects without hiring additional in-house staff.

White-label production services for agencies

Our nearshore model for creatives and digital agencies provide them with the flexibility to scale their operations efficiently, tackle larger projects, and explore new niches without the logistical and financial constraints of maintaining an extensive in-house team.

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How agencies benefit from this engagement model:
  • Cost Efficiency: Labor costs in many nearshore destinations are significantly lower than in-house teams or onshore outsourcing options, enabling agencies to allocate their budgets more effectively.
  • Expert Execution: Once the project’s creative direction is established, the nearshore team takes over the execution phase.
  • White-label: White-label production services allow agencies to take full advantage of their outsourcing partnerships while maintaining complete ownership of the final product.

Business Cases

Nearshore outsourcing and white-label digital production services represent a dynamic, cost-effective, and strategic approach for creative and digital agencies to optimize their operations and scale their businesses.

Cost-Effective Web Development

Are you an agency in the United States wanting to expand your web development capabilities?  With our nearshore web development team in Latin America, you can take on more web projects, reduce overhead costs, and offer competitive pricing to clients while maintaining high-quality work.

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Scalable Graphic Design and Digital Assets Production

Resizing and adapting could be a tedious job for your in-house team. Relying assets production on us will help you meet fluctuating client demands efficiently, ensuring quick turnaround times and creative design solutions without the need for constant recruitment and training.

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De-centralized production teams within your time zone

Agencies take advantage of working with our remote production teams in LATAM. With our production boutique operating across multiple time zones, we’ve unlocked an unprecedented level of agility and round-the-clock productivity.

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Case Study

Vivo - Video editing and production assets

“Since we started working with Boombit, we've successfully delivered over 30 different projects. The client is very pleased with the work and impressed with the visible improvement we've had as a team.”


Lionbridge, a global leader in language translation and localization services, partnered with their client, VIVO, to enhance their product videos. The challenge was to efficiently handle video editing, animations, and subtitling while ensuring timely delivery and top-notch quality.

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