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Not long ago, we discussed “Navigating Cultural Differences and Language Barriers in Outsourcing.” We touched on how these factors contribute to diversity and how embracing cultural differences can be beneficial. Such diversity invites innovation by fostering diverse perspectives. A diverse workforce enriches the work environment, making companies more globally competitive.

Today, we’d like to share Yefry’s story. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Yefry is a 27-year-old software developer, celebrating his birthday on the last day of the year. He shares his life with his wife and daughter and enjoys life’s simple pleasures. He enjoys basketball, physical activity, series, movies, and anime.

Yefry received his software development training from one of the best institutes in the Dominican Republic. His experiences across various companies and institutions have significantly enriched his professional life.

After graduating, he worked for the government in the technology department as a junior developer. This position was a steep learning curve, and within a year, he rose to lead a team. He was exposed to diverse technologies and tools, but once his growth plateaued, he sought fresh opportunities in the private sector.

Yefry believes in self-growth, striving to be better each day, and overcoming personal and career challenges.

Yefry then joined an outsourcing company, where he honed his skills and explored new trends. He became more than a contractor — he transformed into a technological solutions consultant. His ambition led him to work internationally with foreign companies from countries like Argentina and USA clients.

After a stint as a freelancer, he found Boombit, a company he loves for its exceptional care for its employees. We at Boombit are thrilled to have him on board and value his contributions to our team.

He has collaborated with colleagues from Colombia, Paraguay, India, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, an experience he describes as “fascinating and fun.” This is his first time working with Central Americans.

He feels that he brings his Dominican culture to his work. His colleagues often ask him about his country, its unique phrases, customs, and tourism, making him a cultural ambassador in his workspaces. Interestingly, Yefry has a knack for picking up accents quickly. He amusingly recalls that after a trip to Colombia, he returned speaking like a local.

Yefry is currently enjoying his work at Boombit. It’s his first time working directly on a LATAM project with a full LATAM team, and he’s thriving in the familiar camaraderie shared among Latin Americans.


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