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This is the story of ‘Recetas Con Historia,’ an innovative program by Pollo Rico to celebrate the diverse gastronomy of Nicaragua. Initiated by the creative minds at Boombit Agency, this campaign was not only an ode to the country’s culinary legacy but also a strategic approach to link Pollo Rico’s brand with the nation. 

The Genesis of a Gastronomic Journey 

Nicaragua, a country of lakes and volcanoes, boasts a culinary tradition where diversity and flavor are paramount. Seizing the opportunity to elevate this cultural heritage, Pollo Rico sought to strengthen its connection with the Nicaraguan people. The challenge was clear: to devise a concept that was rooted in the country’s culinary heritage while reinforcing Pollo Rico’s identity as a brand integral to Nicaraguan society. The solution? “Recetas Con Historia” – an initiative focused on the narratives of traditional Nicaraguan meals, enlightening people about their origins through the medium of food. 

 The Creative Journey: From Idea to Reality

The journey began with an exploration into the gastronomic history of Nicaragua, in partnership with Maria Esther, the queen of Nicaraguan cuisine. This exploration uncovered the stories, techniques, and flavors passed down through generations. The Boombit team, experts in strategic innovation and digital production, crafted an engaging and educational narrative. With a series of captivating visuals, compelling stories, and interactive content, ‘Recetas Con Historia’ was designed to evoke Nicaraguans’ pride in their culinary culture.

Each recipe was selected for its cultural significance and storytelling potential. The campaign brought the history of dishes like Gallo Pinto, Nacatamales, and Indio Viejo to life, illustrating how these recipes have evolved yet remained a central part of Nicaraguan cuisine. Through this journey, Pollo Rico took on the role of preserving traditional Nicaraguan food, educating its customers that dining is more than just eating—it’s a cultural event. 

 The Impact: A Delight for the Senses and the Soul 

“Recetas Con Historia” went beyond the scope of a typical marketing campaign. It evolved into a movement that celebrated Nicaraguan identity, heritage, and community. By integrating these authentic recipes into its menu, Pollo Rico turned its patrons into custodians and champions of their own gastronomic history. 

The campaign’s success was measured not only by sales growth or brand awareness but also by the family conversations it sparked, the memories it revived, and the pride it instilled in Nicaraguan hearts. By honoring and preserving Nicaragua’s culinary heritage, Pollo Rico became a beloved institution. 

A Recipe for Success 

Recetas Con Historia stands as a testament to creativity, innovation, and cultural legacy. It demonstrates how a brand can act as a bridge between the past and present, enhancing its image and contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage. Reflecting on this culinary odyssey, the importance of food in uniting people, celebrating history, and shaping identities is underscored. 

With Boombit Agency’s clever wordplay, ‘Write your own story,’ a narrative that will be passed down through generations emerges in the vibrant streets of Nicaragua, where every dish tells a story. “Recetas Con Historia” is more than a campaign; it is a declaration of Nicaraguan gastronomy, a homage to its past, and a beacon for brands worldwide on what can be achieved. Ultimately, it is clear that the hidden essence of Pollo Rico’s success has always been the stories meant to be shared over a meal, from one generation to the next. 



“Recetas con Historia” stood as a testament to Pollo Rico’s commitment to its Nicaraguan roots.  – Kenia Valle, Marketing Manager, Pollo Rico 

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