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At Boombit, we are in the business of reimagining the future, in this case of financial technology (Fintech), where transactions are more than mere exchanges—they are the threads that weave together the fabric of global communities.   

Remitly’s mission is bold and clear: to redefine the remittance landscape and enrich the lives of people in over 150 countries. Their partnership with us was born out of a shared vision to craft a brand that resonates universally. In Nicaragua, this meant not only positioning Remitly as a technological pioneer but also as a beacon for professional aspiration in analytics, finance, and tech. 

Our approach was holistic and hands-on. We delved deep into the Nicaraguan market, understanding its unique pulse to tailor a brand narrative that speaks of innovation, inclusivity, and unwavering excellence. This narrative was about the promise of growth and the spirit of advancement it brings to the community. 

The strategy was multifaceted, targeting Remitly’s stature as an industry influencer and an employer of choice. Our creative team, embedded in the daily dynamics of Remitly’s operations, ensured that the strategic vision was consistently aligned with the brand’s evolving needs. 

Lizbeth Vargas, Site Business Partner at Remitly, encapsulates the essence of our partnership: “Boombit helps us to keep pace in the financial services market.” This sentiment is a testament to the symbiotic relationship we’ve nurtured, one that extends beyond business and into the realm of impactful change. 

As we reflect on this journey, the milestones achieved with Remitly are not merely checkpoints but beacons illuminating the path of what’s achievable when strategy meets innovation. Our pride at Boombit stems from these accomplishments and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Looking ahead, we are fueled by the anticipation of new challenges, stories, and partnerships that await our creative endeavor. 

To discover the materials and campaigns we’ve crafted for Remitly, click here!

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