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From Cuba to Nicaragua, Alex Hurtado’s journey to becoming a proficient developer is nothing short of inspiring. Today, we’re taking you through his story at Boombit, where he honed his skills.


Born in Cuba, Alex Hurtado now resides in Nicaragua with his loving family. Known for his outgoing personality, Alex loves to be in the moment, making a positive impact on those around him. While he’s a fan of parties, he’s learned to balance fun with responsibility.

Programming is more than just a job for Alex; it’s a passion.


He’s known for creating tools and mini-systems to make his everyday life easier. During his university days, he even developed his own portable cloud system to simplify his studies, showcasing his dedication to automation and efficiency.

Aside from his love for technology, Alex enjoys horror films, scam movies, and hitting the gym to stay in shape.

Alex’s journey into development began at the age of 14 while playing Age of Empires 2. Intrigued by the intricacies of video game creation, he pursued a career in development. By 18, Alex wrote his first lines of code at the programming development laboratory at the University of Havana.

Seeking professional growth and economic stability, Alex left Cuba for Nicaragua. It was there that he discovered an opportunity with Boombit as a WordPress developer. Since joining the company, he has undergone a transformative training process, mastering tools like Gutenberg blocks and steadily climbing the ranks.

Boombit provided the perfect platform for Alex to develop his skills as a full stack .NET developer. After expressing his interest in the field, the company promptly provided him with the necessary courses, and he’s now ready to work with clients using this technology.

Alex credits Boombit for not only supporting his education but also providing valuable experience through exciting projects and high-profile clients.


This nurturing environment has allowed him to grow in his desired fields and elevate his expertise. Alex has also trained in Salesforce and gained hands-on experience.

He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. His love for teaching has become an integral part of his career, and he aspires to continue inspiring the next generation of developers.

In summary, Alex Hurtado’s journey from a WordPress developer to a full stack expert is a testament to his hard work and determination. At Boombit, he’s found the perfect environment to grow professionally and make a lasting impact on the tech world.



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