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In a company with a diverse team spread across various countries in Latin America, Mother’s Day is every day.

This month, with its numerous Mother’s Day celebrations, we want to emphasize the importance of mothers by sharing the story of Ruth, a key member of our human resources and recruiting team. Ruth’s journey not only highlights her professional growth but also demonstrates the significance of working from home for working mothers like her.

Ruth was initially a shy individual, but her current role at our company has enabled her to become more extroverted. Before becoming a mother, her priorities revolved around traveling and exploring the world. However, since the birth of her daughter Yalta Lariza, Ruth’s priorities have shifted, and her child has taken center stage in her life. Her relationship with her husband is built on a foundation of friendship, and they have grown together both personally and professionally.

Although Ruth studied law, she pursued a career in international relations, which allowed her to travel and connect with others. Her innate desire to help people eventually led her to human resources. The pandemic in 2020 posed a significant challenge for Ruth, as her asthma required extra precautions that her previous employer did not accommodate. This prompted her to search for a job that would allow her to work from home, a decision that proved to be life-changing.

After taking courses and working at a call center for six months to save money, Ruth learned about a job opportunity at Boombit. She applied and was hired, marking the beginning of her career in human resources and her transformation into a more extroverted person. Ruth fondly recalls overcoming her initial nervousness during her first team activity, a testament to her personal growth.

Ruth’s experience as a mother has been unique and rewarding, and she wouldn’t change it for anything.

Her ability to work from home has been instrumental in allowing her to fully enjoy motherhood while maintaining her professional growth. She cherishes every moment with her daughter, even when work and motherhood intersect in unpredictable ways, such as conducting an interview while dealing with a diaper disaster. These experiences become cherished memories and family stories to share as her child grows.

Ruth’s story demonstrates the value of working from home, a silver lining of the pandemic. Not only does she save money on transportation and enjoy a comfortable work environment, but she can also remain a present and devoted mother while advancing her career.

Ruth’s experience embodies the essence of what it means to be a working mother in today’s world, and her story serves as an inspiration for others in similar situations.


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