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Recently, the crypto community has been abuzz with the introduction of Worldcoin, an innovation backed by Sam Altman, the head honcho at OpenAI.  

So, What’s the Deal with Worldcoin? 

At its heart, Worldcoin aims to create a worldwide financial and identity network, democratically owned by the majority of the global population. If successful, this could open up new economic prospects, provide a reliable way to distinguish real people from AI on the internet (while respecting privacy), fuel global democratic movements, and perhaps pave the way to an AI-powered Universal Basic Income (UBI). 

A key feature of Worldcoin is the ‘World ID’ – a digital identity grounded in verifying an individual’s humanity. Alongside this, where allowed, there’s a digital currency named WLD. The core idea? Simply being human earns you some WLD. The World App serves as the primary platform for both the World ID and the Worldcoin Protocol, thoughtfully designed by the crew over at Tools for Humanity (TFH). 

“Proof of personhood” is essentially a validation of someone’s unique human existence, without exposing their real-world identity. Given the growing power of AI, proving one’s humanity digitally is becoming ever trickier. If Worldcoin’s World ID works as intended, it might just set a global benchmark for this. 

For a deeper dive, check out the project’s detailed Whitepaper. 

But, Hold Up! There are Some Concerns… 

– Privacy: Worldcoin employs iris scanning to authenticate users, triggering potential privacy worries. After all, your iris is a singular biometric marker. And who’s to say Worldcoin won’t use this data for other ends, like targeted ads? 

– Accessibility: Not everyone can access Worldcoin’s iris tech, notably those with certain disabilities or those in far-flung regions. This could leave many out in the cold. 

– Centralization: Worldcoin, being centralized, is overseen by a handful of individuals. Concerns about its long-term viability and security arise. What happens if the creators pull the plug on Worldcoin? Users might find themselves locked out of their funds. 

– Security: Doubts linger about the security robustness of the iris scanning tech. A breach could lead to identity theft or financial data exposure. 

– Volatility: Worldcoin’s value can swing wildly. Newbies to the crypto scene might find it a gamble. 

Considering all this, here’s a thought: Would you scan your eye for some fresh crypto? Isn’t crypto supposed to be anonymous? Dive deeper with this video 



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