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From the onset of the AI revolution, marked by pioneering tools like ChatGPT, the potential of AI has been a prominent topic of discussion. At Boombit, we immersed ourselves in the AI domain, aiming to fathom its full range of capabilities. 

It’s a well-known enigma—the meeting point of AI and human labor. There’s a prevalent fear that automation might one day usurp the human workforce. However, our experience with AI has shown that the objective isn’t about supersession—it’s about augmentation. When deployed thoughtfully, AI can fortify teams, equipping them to tackle previously laborious tasks with ease. 

Human Resources and AI: Beyond Onboarding  

IBM’s HR team achieved significant efficiencies by automating tasks. Over a 12-month span, they saved an impressive 12,000 hours by automating 280 tasks, as reported by Business2Community.  

A recent Deloitte survey revealed that 33% of HR leaders are optimistic that AI will revolutionize their talent acquisition efforts. This includes automating mundane tasks like resume evaluations, interview scheduling, and engaging with candidates. Further, a notable 85% of employers who have adopted automation or AI confirmed they observed time savings and enhanced efficiency. 

Our process 

The decision to weave AI into our onboarding approach was only the beginning. We delved deeply, strategizing on how best to streamline the onboarding experience. Utilizing advanced tools like ChatGPT, Synthesia, Transkriptor, and Tactiq, we efficiently transformed our procedures. 

The steps were clear-cut: 

  • We initiated thorough research on available tools, mastering their functionalities. 
  • Real-time onboarding sessions for new team members were recorded, capturing their genuine experiences. 
  • With ChatGPT, Transkriptor, and Tactiq, we transcribed and scripted the content, ensuring accuracy and coherence. 
  • Synthesia empowered us to assemble these transcriptions into engaging videos, with realistic avatars bringing the content to life. 

This method not only optimized our process but also enriched the onboarding experience for new collaborators. 

However, we firmly recognize the irreplaceable value of a human connection. As such, we guarantee that every new member interacts personally with key company personnel. While AI is beneficial, it cannot replicate the genuine camaraderie and mentorship uniquely provided by humans. Within a month, our comprehensive onboarding process will be fully automated. Here’s a sneak peek into one of our sessions. 

At Boombit, we foresee a symbiotic future where AI and humans collaborate seamlessly. While AI delivers efficiency, precision, and scale, humans contribute strategy, imagination, compassion, and the intricate facets of soft skills. As a duo, they’re indomitable. 

As the terrain of business and technology is perpetually in flux, our allegiance is unwavering—we are determined to use AI as an ally, never a substitute. For companies standing on the brink of the AI epoch, remember: this journey is about amplifying abilities, not supplanting them. AI is poised to magnify our potential, and collaboratively, we hold the key to revolutionizing the business world. 

While our foray into AI initially centered on onboarding, the journey illuminated other opportunities. Through AI, HR units can streamline tasks such as resume filtering—ensuring only the top-tier candidates get through—or automate interview scheduling, thus allowing HR specialists more time to cultivate valuable human connections. These are prospective avenues we are keenly exploring. 

Other AI-powered automation possibilities include: 

Finance and AI: The financial realm stands to gain significantly from AI amalgamation. Picture real-time financial scrutiny, predictions of customer behavior, and astute data extraction—all while preserving the indispensable human touch in the final verdicts. Such tools can deliver insights at unmatched velocities, ensuring businesses remain at the forefront. 

Administrative Efficiency and AI: On the administrative front, AI can take on repetitive tasks, such as email organization and data input. This leaves our proficient administrative personnel free to concentrate on higher-order tasks like business growth strategies and long-range planning. 

Creativity and Copywriting Enhanced by AI: In the realm of copywriting, AI tools can manage routine aspects, such as keyword optimization and basic content generation. This empowers our seasoned copywriters to channel their energies towards more nuanced and creative endeavors, such as crafting compelling narratives and conceptualizing innovative marketing campaigns. 

That is a small sample but the possibilities are many. 

Our journey with AI at Boombit has been a revelation. We’ve discovered a world of possibilities, from onboarding and finance to administration and creativity. But even as AI fuels new advancements, one thing remains constant: the human touch. 

As we delve deeper into the AI era, we embrace a harmonious approach. We don’t draw a line between humans and machines; instead, we find where they intersect to create a symphony. 

AI is not a replacement for humans, but a partner. It’s like any powerful tool: used wisely, it can help us build something extraordinary. 

At Boombit, we’re committed to balancing the brilliance of AI with the richness of human intuition and creativity. We don’t see them as adversaries, but as allies. Together, we can build a future where technology and humanity thrive side by side. 

To the pioneers of tomorrow, we say this: harness AI not as a force of replacement, but as a partner in progress. Together, we can shape a world of unprecedented possibilities.  



* This text was written by a human and optimized by AI.

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