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At a time when the digital workplace is no longer a rarity but our new normal, Boombit stands out not only as an adapter but a successful one. Our journey into the cyber space is characterized by a settled determination to create a living culture that is full of energy and that focuses on all things good. Furthering this admirable evolution, we managed to interview Ruth our Talent Engagement & Development manager,  and person who animate our culture.

The Base of the Flourishing Remote Environment.

Ruth indicates the steps for creating a bright and harmonious corporate environment in a distance mode. Let’s visualize a symphony,” she says, “where the song is transparent communication, the rhythm is the trust between people, and the dance is human connections.” These aren’t the high ideals, this is Ruth and her team’s daily practice.

Effective Communication – Bridging Distances.

In response to the challenge of linking a team that is scattered globally, Ruth proposes a mix of dynamic online communication tools and regular team-based activities. “All voices must echo in our virtual halls,” she claims emphasizing the importance of a culture based on trust and openness. In the same spirit, a team member says, “It’s the small talks and virtual activities that keep us knitted together.”

Assessing Our Cultural Vitality

Remote evaluation of a pulse of our culture requires vigilant observation and active participation as Ruth says. She watches interactions carefully and uses surveys to keep an eye on the team’s pulse. “Ruth points out that seeing our values reflected in everyday transactions is the real mark of the culture’s health,” the team nods collectively.

Lessons of a Distant Frontier.

Ruth’s wealth of experience emphasizes the indispensable importance of real relationships and direct, constant communication. “Just having someone to talk to, even if it is virtual makes a difference,” she muses. This feeling is echoed by the team wherein the significance of accessibility and acknowledgment in fostering a supportive virtual community is duly emphasized.

Navigating Forward

Ruth’s understanding of the virtual realm and its challenges and opportunities also becomes a compass for the company on its way through the landscape. It provides a model for the concept that with thoughtfulness, remote work environments can develop into systems of excitement, diversity, and deep bonding.

* This text was written by a human and optimized by AI.

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