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In a conversation with Gilmer Gutierrez, our Producer and Director of Photography, who shared his insights on digital content production. With a wealth of experience and a keen eye for visual storytelling, Gilmer reveals the trends shaping platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and other social networks. He details how his role integrates planning and collaboration to create impactful audiovisual content, emphasizing the importance of staying ahead in a rapidly changing digital world. 

Gilmer describes his role as both Producer and Director of Photography, emphasizing the importance of his involvement in the planning stages of a project. By understanding the client’s vision from the outset, he can more accurately project their needs visually. Collaboration with various departments is crucial to bringing these ideas to life, allowing for seamless integration of different perspectives into the final product. Gilmer is particularly satisfied with his team, whose performance enables him to execute his role more successfully. 

Latest Trends in Digital Content Production  

He identifies several key trends in digital content production, primarily driven by the ever-changing algorithms of social media platforms. Vertical video formats have become essential, especially on TikTok and Instagram. Capturing the audience’s attention within the first 10 seconds using hooks is vital. While Instagram favors shorter videos, TikTok allows for longer content depending on the topic. Understanding the unique preferences and behaviors of the audience on each platform is crucial for creating engaging content. The challenge lies in retaining audience interest right from the beginning and developing both the visual and narrative elements from there. 

Gilmer faces is adapting to the vertical format, which has become a primary medium for marketing on platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok. This shift requires new techniques in framing, camera movement, and angles. Additionally, staying updated with constantly evolving trends demands critical thinking to determine their relevance to each brand. Not every trend fits every brand, so it’s essential to innovate while staying true to the brand’s identity and mission. Gilmer views these challenges as opportunities for learning and growth, recognizing the importance of being adaptable to future changes. 

New technologies are important in content production, making it easier to adapt to trends and implement ideas efficiently. These tools enhance the speed and quality of content creation but should complement rather than replace creativity. Gilmer highlights the excitement of experimenting with new tools to present content in innovative ways, ensuring Boombit stands out in the digital landscape. He emphasizes the importance of not over-relying on these tools but using them to enhance creative ideas. 

Future of Digital Content Production  

Looking ahead, Gilmer sees immense potential in audiovisual content, with technologies like virtual and augmented reality offering more immersive experiences. These tools could revolutionize how audiences interact with content, making them feel part of the experience. The accessibility to these technologies will be crucial for future advancements, allowing for more engaging and interactive content across digital platforms. Gilmer believes that continuous work with new tools and technologies, along with their evolution, will be significant in this journey. 

Gilmer’s insights underscore the dynamic nature of digital content production. Staying ahead of trends, leveraging new technologies, and maintaining a creative edge are essential in a rapidly changing digital environment. At Boombit, collaboration and effective communication across departments are key to delivering visually precise and client-focused content. Our dedication to innovation and adaptability ensures that we remain at the forefront of the digital content production industry. 



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