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Yulissa’s journey into graphic design is a unique one, shaped by her background in systems engineering and full-stack development.


Curiosity and a deep interest in aesthetic and functionality have always defined her, often leading her to spend hours researching new ideas or learning about new concepts.

While studying systems engineering, Yulissa started her career as a full-stack developer, also working on backend systems and databases. As she built and designed web projects, she found herself drawn more towards the design elements, noting that many aesthetics weren’t as accessible as they should be. She began to see the connection between development and design, understanding that the two, when harmonized, could yield stunning results.

This revelation set Yulissa on a self-guided learning path towards interface design, where she taught herself about design thinking, atomic design, accessibility, and inclusion. This self-study would soon pay off when a friend told her about a UX UI design position at Boombit. Initially hesitant because of her ongoing learning journey, she decided to apply, encouraged by her friend.

Intending to apply for a WordPress developer role at Boombit, a twist during her interview saw her veering towards UI UX design. The interviewer, noticing her potential in design, offered her an intensive one-month training program. This boot camp, covering design, best practices, theory, processes, and quality, strengthened her self-esteem and confidence.

In Yulissa’s words, she grew in expressing her “individuality as a person through my designs”.


She started as a UX UI designer for one of our international clients, then transitioned to an Ad designer role. This was her first real introduction to the world of graphic design, working with tools like Illustrator and Photoshop. Yulissa began her journey as a junior digital ad designer, learning everything related to the digital world and creating digital arts for campaigns. Her role expanded when she transitioned into our agency and creative services department, where she was exposed to branding – from the digital look and feel of the brand to colors, logos, and fonts. This intrigued her, as she had always been interested in branding and the exploration of brands.

Her responsibilities grew over time, mixing web design and graphic design, a perfect blend of her interests and skills.  The learning curve was steep but rewarding. Thanks to her commitment to learning and growing, she has now earned the title of Senior Graphic Designer. 

Reflecting on her journey, Yulissa shares, “I want to highlight Boombit and those in charge of professional development in the company.

They always sought what was best for me. Identifying people’s talents is something at which Boombit excels, and they provide the tools for individuals to grow to levels that they themselves may not realize they can reach.” She wonders where she would be if she had chosen the path of a WordPress developer, but she is grateful for the direction she chose and where it has led her.

Outside of work, Yulissa indulges in a wide array of interests. She enjoys watching movies, anime, and has a fondness for KPop, although her musical tastes stretch across a variety of genres. In her spare time, she delights in crafting activities such as crocheting, a hobby she picked up a year ago, and she’s currently learning the art of embroidery. Her daily routine wouldn’t be complete without a nightly trip to the gym, an activity she thoroughly enjoys.

In her personal life and career, Yulissa continues to embrace her curiosity, constantly learning and experimenting, living a life true to her individuality and creativity.



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