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Herald is from Estelí, Nicaragua, and loves remote work for it permits him to remain in his beloved city with his wife and their two dogs, stroll around Estelí, go to his church. He likes to pursue new knowledge, and he studies the latest development technologies, marketing, and design.  

Herald began his professional career as a web developer in 2017, working in a small digital studio. 

Nevertheless, it was at Boombit that he flourished, beginning with WordPress in 2019, thanks to the diverse company projects that facilitated his growth, leading him to participate in projects of the company and its associates, manage teams of up to 12 developers, and serve as a mentor to others. 

In 2021, he began recruiting, having been trained by two human resources experts, and has quickly become proficient in the technology recruitment processes that enable him to understand what the client is seeking in a candidate. 

Having a thorough understanding of client’s requirements allows Herald to identify the best match

Since he has experience as a developer, he is able to grasp the actual requirements, which is a significant advantage. Even though he does not have experience in mobile development, his knowledge of technology is useful when designing tests that will evaluate a candidate’s abilities, and his expertise is useful for assessing technical proficiency across a broad range of platforms. 

Moreover, candidates seem more comfortable conversing with him since he is more knowledgeable about the technical language, and he can assist them. As a result of receiving numerous requests for positions they are not qualified for, candidates frequently feel harassed by recruiters on LinkedIn. Herald, however, is able to determine a candidate’s level of experience and expertise by analyzing their resumes. 

Having this career change allows him to advance as a developer, which he appreciates. By engaging with developers from various countries, he is able to gain a better understanding of how technologies are being implemented and, therefore, the market’s requirements. In order to create tests, he must stay up to date with new technologies, which allow him to learn about other technologies as well. As a result of recruiting, he has been able to advance in his career. 

According to Herald, recruiters must ensure that the recruitment process is carried out in a manner that involves the right candidates.


Boombit has been a university for him, constantly providing him with opportunities to learn and expand his knowledge. 

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