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In previous discussions, we’ve explored how the digital era, with its unprecedented connectivity, is rendering geographical borders in business increasingly irrelevant. This dynamic shift raises a crucial consideration for progressive brands: why confine your brand’s potential to the talent pool of just one country? We delve into the rich opportunities that emerge when a brand taps into the global talent landscape. Here’s a prime example to illustrate this point. 

People from different backgrounds and cultures, all pitching in ideas and making sure every frame and every subtitle resonated with Vivo’s audience. Harnessing global talent and tech to tell stories that truly connect.  

Imagine a digital marketing dream team: Boombit’s creative spark, Lionbridge’s localization prowess, and Vivo’s product know-how. That’s exactly what happened when we teamed up to transform Vivo’s product videos. We combined the art of storytelling with the science of global appeal, crafting videos that resonate with the audience. It’s a match made in marketing heaven! 

At the heart of this project was the challenge of time efficiency and quality deliverance. We leveraged our nearshore digital production capabilities, optimizing workflows across various time zones. This not only streamlined the process but also ensured that each project phase was met with unwavering attention to detail and quality. 

This project wasn’t just about fancy editing and subtitles. It was a team of folks from different backgrounds, cultures, and talents coming together to tell a story that would connect with people. We cooked up over 30 campaigns in just a year, each of them visually stunning and perfectly capturing Vivo’s brand spirit. 

“Since we started working with Boombit, we’ve successfully delivered over 30 different projects.” – Lionbridge  


What made this collaboration truly special was how smoothly our digital know-how meshed with Lionbridge’s language magic. It showed just how powerful it can be to bring together talented people and cutting-edge tech from all over the world. It wasn’t just about getting Vivo’s message across; it was about making people feel it, in every image and every translated word. 

We’re always pushing the limits of what’s possible in digital marketing and production, and the Vivo story is a testament to that. It shows how the magic dust of smart thinking, creative spark, and tech wizardry can create projects that leave a lasting mark on the online world. 

Read more about this project here. Vivo – Video editing and production assets. 

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