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About the client

Johnny Cupcakes is the World’s First T-Shirt Bakery! They bake apparel dripping with sweet pop-culture references and serve ’em with a smile.

These are sweet!

Johnny EarleFounder, Johnny Cupcakes
Johnny Cupcakes

Project Summary

Johnny Cupcakes, the iconic t-shirt company renowned for its unique approach to apparel, entrusted us with a creative challenge that truly stirred our passion. They sought our expertise in 2D animation to bring their vision to life in a series of short videos.

  • Project Type: Illustration and Motion Graphics
  • Engagement Model: Nearshore outsourcing
  • Timeframe: 2021
Project Goal

Our team eagerly embraced the task, working tirelessly to craft animations that not only met but exceeded Johnny Cupcakes’ creative expectations. It’s a partnership that reflects our dedication to helping brands elevate their storytelling through the magic of animation, leaving a lasting impression on their audience.

Project Identity

We designed a cast of endearing characters, brought them to life in animated videos, and weaved together informative infographics to engage and educate parents on the essential topic of their kids’ nutrition.

With each frame, we aimed to engage their audience in a way that was as unforgettable as Johnny Cupcakes' iconic T-shirts.

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A dynamic partnership that allowed us to contribute our animation prowess to the brand's legacy of innovation and originality.