Nicaragua / Costa Rica

Digital Production Services
for Mid-sized Companies and Enterprises

Our production team delivers, but is not limited to: HTML5 banners, social media assets, animated videos, and more

High-volume digital assets

Is your team oversaturated with day to day tasks and your deadlines are killing your productivity? Capacity shouldn’t be your problem.

Our talented top-notch design team delivers, but is not limited to: HTML5 banners, static banners, Facebook posts, Instagram stories and animated videos. Always on time, on budget. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Assets Production

Increase your Capacity

Increase your company’s capacity and productivity since Day 1

Never miss a deadline

Our team will handle the resource management to deliver your assets on-time

Project Management

Boombit is responsible for the Technical lead and team management

Cost Efficient

More affordable option than hiring an in-house team. Software licenses included

Our solutions enable most of our clients to enhance their production pipelines , access to more competitive rates, and increase their productivity.

Assets you can produce at large-scale with us

  • Static Banners
  • HTML Banners
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Videos
  • Landing pages
  • HTML Emails
  • Dynamic HTML Emails
  • Animated videos
  • Storyboards
  • Editorial Artworks
  • Video Editing
  • Photo Editing

More Solutions

Nearshore staffing and digital production services for mid-sized companies

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is designed to add extra talent to your team on an on-demand basis. 

Dedicated Teams

When you hire a dedicated team, you hire an autonomously-managed team of experts.

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