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How we hire Top Talent
in Latin America

Removing the Hassle of Recruiting and Hiring from Your Shoulders

At Boombit, we take Recruiting, Hiring and Retention seriously

Recruiting high-skilled creatives, designers and engineers shouldn’t be hard if you have the right partner by your side

With over 10+ years of experience in the Digital and Technology Industry, managing dozens of creatives, designers and developers from different countries; we breathe the challenges of assembling and retaining Top Talented Players, to provide the support you deserve.

As a company, our main focus is to genuinely care about the well-being of our employees and their families. Providing a place for the best talent to thrive, while finding a way to balance our client’s staffing needs and our employees, as a whole.

We use a rigorous multi-step qualification process to identify the most promising candidates. We not only consider technical skills, but also logical ability, motivation, communication, and social skills — because for us, every detail counts.

Before being recommended for placement with a client, each candidate is screened for language skills, personality, domain-specific knowledge, and a high level of professionalism.

Our Hiring Process

Candidates go through our recruitment portal to apply, we validate their information and profile. 

We are always recruiting candidates from major cities in Latin America.

We actively use LinkedIn Talent Solutions to find your next team member based on your Job Description and necessary skill set.

Our Talent Acquisition Specialists contact each candidate to validate their profiles and establish the first screening.

All candidates are then screened with our senior hiring specialists, to ensure they have a high level of proficiency in English.

If the candidate passes the screening process (Step 1 to 3), we schedule a Soft Skills Interview where we measure their communication, analytical and teamwork skills through a DiSC Assessment.

Once the Soft Skills assessment is completed, we schedule a Hard Skills interview with one of our Technical Leads to review their seniority level with real-life scenarios and problems related to their professional profile.

Only the candidates that pass our Soft and Hard Skills assessments receive access to a number of specialized Online Tests to verify their savviness and experience with: Concepts, Software, Technologies, Frameworks and Methodologies.

Through our technical tests, we give all applicants an equal, unbiased opportunity to showcase themselves.

This ensures we get the best talent from all walks of life.

Then we present a handpicked list of pre-qualified candidates to you, allowing you to interview everyone, in order to make the final selection of your team members.

Only the best candidates are presented to our clients for their last interview and evaluation.

Powered by the best partners in the market.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Through Boombit

No infrastructure investment

Robust hardware, development software – we already have all this, so you don’t need to think of the infrastructure cost.

Eliminates the additional costs 

We allow you to save money on renting offices, organizing workplaces, and buying coffee.

Scale Up or Down at Your Own Pace

We scale with you. Nowadays flexibility is the key advantage to responding to the needs of the market.

Risk-free engagement

We take care of all risk mitigation, compliance, payroll, and benefits to retain and train your dedicated team.

Bilingual and within Your Timezone

Experienced bilingual designers, creatives and developers in major Latin American cities.

There’s no magic nor secret formula for a great recruitment culture. The key is - engagement has to be human - we personalize every interview and try to find the best fit, not just for our company but for our clients as well.

– Katie Blanco, Head of Human Resources

Frequently asked questions on our Staffing Process

We offer you quick and efficient access to our wide pool of top qualified talent.


  • Copywriters
  • Creatives
  • Content Creators
  • Community Managers


  • Graphic Designers
  • Production Designers
  • User Interface Designers
  • Illustrators


  • Front-end Developers
  • Back-end Developers
  • Java Developers
  • .Net Developers
  • Full-stack Developers
  • QA Specialists

2-4 weeks. We have plenty of profiles/candidates in our talent pool that can start working with you as soon as you need; however this time may vary according to your specific needs.

No. Our processes remain supervised and implemented in-house. We believe in having control end-to-end of our staffing outsourcing experience to keep our clients and talent engaged.

For Staff Augmentation Solutions our minimum contract term is 3 months.

For Dedicated Teams we encourage our clients to take full advantage of their teams for at least 12 months.

No. Our staffing solutions are billed exclusively under a monthly flat rate. We do not offer packages based on hours for any type of resource.

We work with top-notch professionals from Central America, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. And yes! We work in your same time zone.

We are always looking for talented designers, creatives and engineers in Latin America